when watching that video i literally have to pause it and catch my breath and just like. gather myself because i get so lost in her beautiful ass that i dont see anything else and i miss drakes face imploding on itself so i have to pause it and take a deep breath 

Nicki Minaj - Anaconda / Purchase on iTunes (x)

i drew a cool pic of randy in the oc board 


drake just wrote his whole next album sitting in that chair 

Anonymous; "Opinion on Nsfw transformers fanart?"

my opinion??? uhhh my opinion is that i like it 

are we just not gonna talk about how starscream is standing on knockouts shoulders


Original art by Burns

The permission for reprinting this picture has been granted by the original artist. Please don’t reprint this anywhere else and go to the original source to bookmark and rate them 8)

look, gary!

look, gary!

Wastelands - Transformers Prime Soundwave Edit
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I did another transformers prime theme song. This time I made it more of an 8-bit intro and used soundwave’s voice in it. (includes spoilers i guess) but there is dubstep. I hope you like it.  

the whole group is like. look at us we are enthinicly beautiful and diverse. we rock except for you danny and hes like Yeah ik…..white people suck :+ ( 


longcat is incorruptible it’s just a cute cat picture. it’s not racist like shoop da woop, it’s not sex shit like ceiling cat, it doesn’t rely on deception or dishonesty like rick roll, and it conveniently predates the nauseating monetisation of cute cat pics by cheezburger network

longcat is just long


y’all are gonna get drake grounded

zak = probably indian or somwhere around there

jake= chinese obviously

danny= white as mayonaise

randy= probably iranian 

ben= probably half white half hispanic (kevin=hispanic btdubs)


did u hear what happened on fb Ava is fucking transphobic af

how many times do i have to remind you that i Literally Never go on facebook the last time i logged on was probably last year